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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Noodles Heart-Shaped

We had noodles for heavy snacks and when the hubby served the cooked Payless instant noodles, it looked liked this...
The little kid said "Whoa! It looks like a heart!" He was at first busy with something else and was not interested in eating this until he got fascinated with how it was somehow 'creatively' presented. The presentation worked with the little kid suddenly feeling very hungry to eat some afternoon snacks then.
I had to take a quick snap of the plate, hence the blurry shot from my phone's camera, before the hungry boys digged in and ate their share of this plate of noodles. The hubby did not notice nor intended to plate the noodle this way. After I pointed it out to him did he only realize that it indeed look like a heart-shaped pile of noodles in the plate.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

KFC Two Piece Chicken

KFC two piece chicken spicy and original flavor
Extra hungry? Try filling up with two pieces of any of Kentucky Fried Chicken chicken variants. Choose from Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy chicken. Plus a cup of rice, and lots of gravy. This meal costs P99 (ala carte) and P120 (combo with drinks).
The little guy wants KFC for lunch after attending mass just within AMall. My boys are up to it so we headed off to KFC for a quick Sunday lunch before going to another mall where I remember seeing an affordable option to buy a new electric stove.

This was a combination of spicy and original flavor. I have come to explore in eating the spicy variants of food lately. The hubby has an influence on that since he likes hot and spicy food. It has become somewhat like an acquired taste for me. I am getting to that point where I am appreciating and enjoying spicy food now. It's like an adventure and spicing up life for TheFoodieMommy who loves to eat.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Starbucks Coffee Via Ready Brew Italian Roast Extra Bold

Starbucks Coffee Via Ready Brew Italian Roast Extra Bold
The cold and rainy weather has kept us indoors today. This bed weather day made me lazy to go out in the rain to the nearby mall. So to satisfy my craving for a hot coffee drink, we went through our stocks and found that we still have this Starbucks Coffee Via Ready Brew Italian Roast Extra Bold... A big and extra bold darker roast coffee, worthy of the Italian tradition and ready in an instant.
You get that rich aroma and smooth taste of 100% arabica coffee. What you just have to do is open a packet (you have three single serve sachets inside that), add hot water, just wait 10 seconds they say, stir your coffee and enjoy your Italian roast coffee.
You can now enjoy the delicious dark roast coffee with that rich, sweet, roasty and smoky flavor. It is quite strong for me since I am not much into strong coffee. The foodie hubby enjoyed it well. I had to take it easy on this one though it was good enough to drink something hot on this cold rainy evening.
Thanks that we have this and we were able to find it before it will expire next month. We need to use it soon before we completely forget that we have it.
Remember as the pack says, "Never be without great coffee."

Monday, December 9, 2013

Laing from Happy Home - Leandro's

Laing from Happy Home - Leandro's Catering DavaoOh my this Laing from Happy Home (Leandro's Catering) which we had for lunch today did not disappoint TheFoodieMommy and my hubby. It tasted just right for me and the hubby. I was tempted to bring home another order for our dinner but since it has coconut milk and we won't be heading home yet until a few hours after, I decided to just have this again some other time.
They mixed pork in this laing recipe. I wish the cook would be able to share the recipe. This foodie mommy's tummy was really satisfied with the taste of this laing.
Laing is a vegetable dish cooked in coconut milk. It is usually spicy. It is a dish that originated in the Bicol Region where coconut milk is used in most of the local cuisine. It is made from dried taro or gabi leaves and coconut milk. I usually find dried gabi leaves at the Robinsons Supermarket here. I fell in love in laing perhaps becuase I love dishes with gata and I have acquired the fondness for spicy dishes due to my hubby's influence who loves to eat spicy dishes.
I have not eaten this dish while a neighbor we have in my parents' home would usually give this to us. But during the Sooo Pinoy food trip in our own city leg that I was blessed to be a part of, I finally got to try the dish in a few of the restaurants we went to since I have to taste them and that is how I started to eat this dish I somehow avoided before.
I now try to eat laing whenever I see the dish being served. It is kind of like the search for the best laing in town for me now. So far I have tasted a more rich and creamy laing before but this laing was just good for my taste. I enjoyed our simple lunch eating it!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Manang's Chicken Soon to Open in Gaisano Mall Davao

Manangs Chicken Gaisano Mall Davao

Manang’s Chicken, “Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy,” is opening soon at the 4th Level of Gaisano Mall. Get your fill soon of our famous soy garlic double deep fried chicken and other delightful treats!

Their first branch outside Luzon will be on soft opening soon from what I heard from a source. They have about 12 branches already since Manang's Chicken became an instant hit, from what I have heard, when they first put up a stall in December of 2010 at the popular food market among foodies which we go to when we travel to Manila known as Mercato Centrale loacted at the corner of 34th Street and 8th Avenue (across MC Home Depot) in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig City.
I am quite curious to try Manang's Chicken version of soy garlic double deep fried chicken after having tried BonChon's and Chicken Charlie which I both liked. The old Fiesta resto that has closed in SM City Davao also had a good tasting garlic chicken which was our fave there. Among the three I liked Chicken Charlie most when It was still a few months open in Gaisano Mall Davao.
I am looking forward to trying Manang's Chicken and see how the taste fares with the others. See you soon there at their soft opening foodies!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fried Siomai

This is the new fave fried siomai of TheFoodieMommy and my foodie hubby that we can buy at the school canteen of our dear little kid. We love it the first time we tried it during the recess of a speech fest event where the parents of those performing were invited. We had our heavy snacks at the canteen during their recess and this is what we decided to try then.
This lunch costs P39 that consist of five (5) pieces of fried siomai plus rice and hot sauce (which I did not out take anymore). If you just want to have the siomai, well they sell it at P30 which makes the price of P6 per piece of siomai. That makes the price of the rice at P9. You can opt to buy it at another food stall in the canteen for P8 saving you P1. That saving can still go a long way in the long run for a student in the school. The take out box costs P6. I thought too late that I should have brought to the canteen instead the lunch box of my son and just have this lunch placed there after he has eaten his lunch.
Anyway, I'll do that next time. *wink* The P6 I can save can still buy me a good small cup of iced tea at the first stall there at their canteen where we buy iced tea for our little kid. Well just a mother trying to save a little in our own little way. A student should be able to figure that out. Anyway if you eat at the canteen, they will serve this friend siomai in a bowl for no extra charge at all of course.
Well this lunch already is good for our hungry tummies when we are at our kid's school for lunch. It also more affordable compared to when we have to eat out or in the mall or fastfood when we have not much time to go home for lunch then come back again for awhile to fetch our little kid from school once again.
I tried asking if they sell this siomai and the lady serving me most of the time I order there answered that we can buy a pack of 25 pieces  of not yet fried siomai, though already cooked previously (steamed that is) and has been frozen, for P125. A piece costs P6 same price as when it was already fried. One just need a good deep fryer to fry these siomai. Or you can just steam it again.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Free Soup All You Want

If it's free soup all you want, then here it is from Mandarin Tea Garden in Abreeza Mall.Free Soup You Want -  Mandarin Tea Garden
We just wanted something hot like soup for a rainy night when we were having dinner there but I did not want to order another dish coz I am saving it up for something else later after our dinner. We asked one of their staff, who I assume is their supervisor, if by any chance that they have free soup tonight and he answered, "Yes." So we asked for a little of that hot soup and here is what they gave us. I pray it's clean, hot soup. People may just take this for granted. This hot soup they served to us may just be free but it did warm us a little bit more on this cold, rainy night at the mall having a simple dinner at MTG.